The measure of life is
not its duration, but
it’s donation.

Through the power of giving, we make the world a better place by taking wholistic healthcare to neglected rural communities.

Everyone deserves quality healthcare and location shouldn’t be a barrier.

Your donation can make a difference

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Community/Women Empowerment

RUCOMEF has committed herself to make health education and awareness a major part of her activities

Free Medical/Surgical

RUCOMEF tries by offering free medical/surgical outreaches to many rural communities

Village Health
Workers Training

RUCOMEF trains TBAs and VHWs in order to ensure clean and safe deliveries. Thousands have been trained so far.

Care of orphans and vulnerable children

RUCOMEF in partnership with organizations is committed to caring for OVCx through education, advocacy, rescue and fostering.


Greater percentages of people live
below poverty

RUCOMEF addresses some of these challenges, with some strategies aimed at rescuing the poor

RUCOMEF is a registered NGO in Nigeria that aims at alleviating the health challenges facing the rural communities in Nigeria and in sub Saharan Africa as a whole. Rural communities in this part of the world are the most deprived population in Africa.

Health Awareness

Health Advocacy

Intervention in harmful traditional health practices

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Use your time to serve the
world, and you will find that it
also serves you.

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RUCOMEF has a board made up of a 7 member board of trustees and other board members (mostly seasoned health professionals ) as well as a 17 man management team (also seasoned health professionals) who see to the day to day running of the organization.