A Christmas Story 

Today we welcome a new baby into the world. We believe it is no coincidence that she was born today.  Being a mother brings enough joy in itself. The rewards heavily outweigh the sacrifices women make during their nine months pregnancy. It is difficult to put into words how wonderful and special it is to be with your child and have him with you. We rejoice with Mrs Faniran Adekemi as she welcomes her new baby.

Mrs Faniran explained that this was not her first C.S. She noted that she had been coming for Antenatal at the General hospital, Ilora.

According to her, she already knew she was to give birth through cesarean section and had started gathering the money she needed for the surgery and other hospital bills.  She said she was told yesterday about RUCOMEF’s partnership with the hospital to provide free surgeries and drugs. 

Mrs Fadekemi also expressed that she was happy about bringing in a baby girl into the world on a Christmas. She couldn’t hold back her tears at some point as she showered prayers on the RUCOMEF team and the donors that made this outreach a reality.