RUCOMEF is a registered NGO in Nigeria that aims at alleviating the health challenges facing the rural communities in Nigeria and in sub Saharan Africa as a whole. Rural communities in this part of the world are the most deprived population.


We are a Non-Profit Organization

Services we provide

Free Medical/Surgical Outreaches

RUCOMEF carries out free medical/surgical outreaches to many rural communities. Thousands of rural dwellers have benefitted from such services.

Village health workers' (VHWs)

RUCOMEF trains VHWs on appropriate First aid services and Traditional
Birth Attendants (TBAs) on clean and safe deliveries so as to reduce
child/maternal mortality in rural communities. Thousands have been
trained so far.

Community/Women Empowerment

RUCOMEF has committed herself to making health education/awareness
(especially among women) in rural communities a major part of her activities.

Care of Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVCs)

RUCOMEF in partnership with other organizations is committed to caring for OVCs through education, advocacy, rescue, fostering and free healthcare

How can you help?


Send Donations

We can do more with your support. Your donation, no matter how little, will help us reach more rural communities with qualitative healthcare.


Get Involved

 You can render your time, skill, services as a Volunteer with RUCOMEF to serve rural communities.


Send Gift Items

You can also donate items such as drugs, medical consumables and equipment, food items, clothes etc.

Send Donations

You can send in monetary donation via the donate


The Banizumbu Community

The Banizumbu community of kebbi state comprised majorly of farmers, traders, herds men etc. with the average population made up of the elderly. With approval from the state government, our team was able to provide quality health care services to members of the community. It was fulfilling providing selfless services to community members through medical care services even though we had to work till late nights. We were able to attend to 120 persons, thanks to the dedicated and selfless volunteers who are professionals in different areas of medicine.

Village Health Workers' (VHW) Training at UCCU

Village health workers at Uccu community was held on 10th -12th March, 2021. Uccu is a rural community in Niger state Nigeria. We successfully trained 30 community lead on rendering basic health services.

Kuchingoro Community in Abuja

On October 1, 2020, Nigeria Indepedence day, we reached out to the people of Kuchingoro community. We had 70 volunteers who participated in the outreach exercise and we were able to reach about 300 people, of which over a hundred children were attended to. 9 people had dental consultation (including tooth extraction) from our dental experts. 9 had ophthalmic consultations and 36 had lab investigations; this include HIV, Hepatitis B, and blood sugar check. In addition to this, they were given relief materials by us. It was a refreshing moment with the Kuchingoro people.

Free Surgeries

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